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How much taxes are taken from my paycheck in montana,...

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...or what percent is taken if I claimed myself on my tax? I would like to know the percentage or a table that will help me
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“...or what percent is taken if I claimed myself on my tax?”---->Needless to say, hard to tell;it depends on your personal taxation situation,i.e., your personal federal/state rates, FICA tax rate, 5.65%, NOT 7.65% as you are an EE or MT state unemployment tax rate, your 401K( or other retirement plans) if you have or etc. When getting hired, you must complete Form W-4 for fed(you need to file another form for MT state), indicating the number of withholding allowances you wish to claim and your filing status such as single, married or head of household. If you do not want any federal taxes deducted from your paycheck, you can check the "exemption" box; however, you must qualify for this status. To be exempt, you must have had no tax liabilities for the past year and you must anticipate not having any for the present year. If your parents or someone else can claim you as a dependent on their tax return, restrictions may apply. If you would like additional federal taxes withheld, indicate this on the W-4.Your federal tax amount is based on the number of allowances you claim, your filing status and the IRS withholding tax tables. Note that the more allowances you claim, the less federal taxes will be deducted from your paycheck. If you do not claim the dependents on your tax return, you can end up owing the IRS. As far as I know, in MOST cases, for fed tax withholdings, your ER uses either percentage method or wage bracket method. Your ER also needs to use different method for MT withholdings.so you need to contact your HR/ ER for more info in detail on it,OK???
Please visit the websites: http://www.bizfilings.com/toolkit/Li...2012.sflb.ashx

“ I would like to know the percentage or a table that will help me”------>As said above, you need to contact your HR or ER to know which method your ER uses to withhold fed/MT taxes from yur paychecks, OK??For yur sttea MT w/h rates for payroll for 2012, please visit the web site here; http://breaktru.com/montana.html
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Here's a paycheck calculator link!http://www.paycheckcity.com/netpayca...ulator.aspFill out all the boxes including the State you live in and it will show you exactly what will be taken out in taxes from your paycheck.
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www.paycheckcity.comJust remember, social security withholding is 6.2% of paycheck, and medicare withholding is 1.45%.
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