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Obama Care Penalty Questions

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1) I believe that when the law passed I heard that the penalty would not be enforceable - i.e. if the penalty was all that was owed, the IRS could not levy, garnish, or add interest and penalties. Is this true?

2) During 2015 I was a probabtionary employee. Health Insurance was offered, but was ridiculously expensive - almost one-half my biweekly wages (Affordable Health Care Act?) - and not one probationary employee was able to afford it. When I became a regular full time employee I was offered an affordable plan and we have been insured as of January

The O C penalty for 2015 is the only thing making a difference between a refund and owing a few hundred dollars. Since the insurance was clearly not affordable in 2015 and we are now insured, would I be likely to have a problem simply not including the penalty in our return?

Thanks much for any replies
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